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  • Christine Bond

Womens’ SCVAC – Match One

It does seem a bit silly to put the 3000m at the first match just after the London but this didn't stop our distance runners taking part. Both Emily Gelder and Rose Baker were there on the start line wearing the Cambridge Harriers vests having both running superb times in the London Marathon just over a week ago, their times were not much outside of last year's times 3,000m either.

The evening started well with three out four wins in the women's 400m, Emily Gelder, Lisa Atkinson & Ros Tabor. Chris Bond second place in the W50's after a bike ride with Glynis in the morning - anyone who knows Glynis will know the pace of the bike ride! Lisa Atkinson got more than she bargained for when she attended the Team Managers meeting at the Bond's, Lisa’s daughter Laura runs in the U17's team and mum has stepped up to fill in as Team Manager, she happened to let it slip she runs too so Lisa's first race for the club ended in a 1st place in the W35's 400m. Lisa didn't stop there, she went on to try a practice jump for the triple jump, the fact she landed in the pit after one lesson got her into the competition where she finished 3rd overall ! Well done Lisa, lovely to have you on board.

It was lovely to see Marlow Hadler back, other clubs through so too as I saw them chatting away. Marlow's throw was just outside the last time she throw for us so she hasn't lost her strength like she thought, mind you, you might ache more the next day!! Another marathon runner found enough in her legs to do the triple jump and Hammer, Maria MacDonald has year after year been an inspiration to the team turning up at matches. Joanne Murphy had been nursing an injury but still managed one triple jump in the W50's to score points. The closest race of the night saw Ros Tabor in a sprint finish at the end of the W60's 3000m, both athletes being given the same time.

RESULTS: W35 400M Emily Gelder (W40) 70.0 1st W35 400M Lisa Atkinson (W40) 69.6 1st (B String) W35 3000M Emily Gelder (W40) 11.36.8 2nd W35 3000M Rose Baker (W50) 12.24.9 3rd (B String) W35 TRIPLE JUMP Lisa Atkinson (M40) 7.09 W35 HAMMER Maria Macdonald (W60) 11.38 3rd W50 400M Christine Bond 78.1 2nd W50 400M Ros Tabor (W65) 12.59.0 2nd W50 TRIPLE JUMP Joanne Murphy (W55) 4.99 3rd W50 HAMMER Marlow Hadler (W70) 16.55 4th W60 400M Ros Tabor (W65) 83.1 1st W60 TRIPLE JUMP Maria Macdonald 4.31 2nd

MATCH RESULTS 1. Dartford 6 / 64 2. Cambridge 5 / 57 2. Blackheath & Bromley 4 / 47 4. Bexley 3 / 35 5. bromley Veterans 2 / 26


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