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Club Records

The Club Records are maintained by Noel Carmody.

All club records must be set in properly officiated meetings or races and must be published on Power of 10. First claim members can also set club records when representing their Nation, Area, County Work, Veterans' Club, etc or in an appropriate Schools', Colleges' or Universities' meeting(s). Second Claim or Higher Claim Athletes can only set club records when representing Cambridge Harriers.

Performances in short sprints and horizontal jumps which better the existing club record but were established with an illegal wind (> 2.0m/s) will not be accepted as a club record but will be noted as a windy best.

Race Walking track records can only be set in events judged in accordance with UKA/WA Technical Rule 54.

It is the responsibility of the individual athlete to claim a club record, although this can be undertaken by a parent, coach or team manager. A new club record must be claimed before the end of the calendar year in which it was set.

To claim a club record, complete a
Club Record Claim Form.

Masters Records: Club Masters Records are currently being compiled and are provisional at this time. 

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