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Fell Running

There is nothing like being out on the fells, great scenic locations and sometimes challenging running (cross country with hills!). The club has been running the fells and mountains of the UK for nearly 30 years. As you can probably guess there are not many fell races in Kent, Box Hill in Surrey being our nearest one. However, there are over 600 races all over the UK listed in the FRA Fixture Calendar (when there scroll down for races).

To give you a flavour of fell running here is a short video of running in Yorkshire - Fell Racing

Another short video of the various races in the 2014 English Championship.

The sport is governed by the Fell Runners Association (FRA) and was formed in 1970. The FRA also encourages youngsters and there is a U20 championship. There are many championships throughout the year e.g.
British Championships
English Championships
Relay Championship
U20 Championships
If you are interested in trying fell running it is important that you are aware of the compulsory kit requirements and when in an event you MUST report to a checkpoint marshal or at the finish if you drop out. The kit is normally carried in a bum bag or lightweight racing rucksack -
FRA Runners Requirements.

There are specialist fell shoes mainly the sole for exceptional grip.Pete Bland Sports have a good selection.

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