Fell Running Grand Prix

We run a fell Grand Prix throughout the year with approximately 15 races. You need to complete 6 races to be in with a chance of winning The John Finlay Trophy aka 'The Rock' and a gold medal. Silver and Bronze also awarded. Scoring is based on the winner's time as a percentage of yours, so if you win a race you will score 100, if the winner finishes in 1 hour 30 and you take 2 hours you score 75, 2 hours 30 would earn you 60 points etc. For women it works the same way except using the time of the first female. Additionally, once a year you get to play your joker for double points (must be played in advance!).

This is as far as we got with the competition in 2020 before Covid struck:


Past winners:

  • 2004 Paul Kent

  • 2005 Alex Hall

  • 2006 Matt Winn-Smith

  • 2007 Matt Winn-Smith

  • 2008 Ian Marshall

  • 2009 Ian Marshall

  • 2010 Ian Marshall

  • 2011 Paul Kent

  • 2012 Ian Marshall

  • 2013 Clem Dixon

  • 2014 Clem Dixon

  • 2015 Clem Dixon

  • 2016 Christian Poulton

  • 2017 Christian Poulton

  • 2018 Christian Poulton

  • 2019 Christian Poulton

Back in 2019 this is how the table ended up: