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Track & Field

The club runs a variety of Track and Field teams, where you can start competing from the age of 10.


Junior Team
School Year Group
Boys Team Manager
Girls Team Manager
Marilyn Brathwaite
Debbie Cook
Vicky Bridge
Emily Yeatman
Mick Bond
Irene Olaleye
12-13 (+1 more year if DOB is after 31st Dec)
Mick Bond
Irene Olaleye


Senior Team
Men's Team Manager
Women's Team Manager
20 - 34
Omari Markland Montgomery
Sophie Fenner
Tim Carter
Christine Bond

Each team competes in a variety of league competitions over the summer months.  Team managers, for each age group, pick teams based on performances and enthusiasm to date.  It is well worth making contact with them once you have joined so they are aware of your interests (the contacts are above).


The club also runs a variety of “Open Meetings” where athletes can compete to set initial and subsequent performances.  All athletic clubs will run these and they are open to their own club members as well as anyone registered by English Athletics (EA).  Details of these are found on our calendar.  The results of all performances go to the “power of ten” web site that compiles National rankings across all events and age groups   You can search this web site by club to get a feel for performances by current club members.


The club is lucky enough to have a team of dedicated coaches helping members to improve their performance and compete at all levels from novice to international. For advice on which group to join, please fill in the enquiry form


As well as the leagues and open meetings we encourage members to compete in County, Area and National Championships where appropriate. In 2019 we had 4 National Champions.

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