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  • Susan Edwards

Senior Women at National XC Championships

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

What an amazing way to see the end of the Cross Country season 2017/18! An intrepid team of senior women rallied for the English Nationals at Parliament Hill on 24th February. The course was tough, the competition was fierce and the day as a whole attracted almost 9,500 runners with more than 1100 senior women from 112 clubs and a broad range of finish times from 28 minutes to 1 hr 15 minutes.

The bitterly cold wind did not deter entrants and did not carry away any of the beautiful coloured club banners and tents which fluttered bravely on the foothills of the race course. Setting off uphill followed by a sudden downhill and several sharp turns which were more than muddy – maybe swampy would be a better description – we saw several runners part company with their footwear which was sucked down into the greedy glutinous sludgy mire. Feet weighed down with mud and hands wondering why blood stops circulating when it feels like legs are propelling forward on auto-pilot in sub-zero temperature we continued the attack against the terrain and the elements and made it to the finish line with pride – we did it!!!

First four to score were Sue Dixon (41:51), Chris Bond (42:25), Marian Hine (44:13) and Susan Edwards (46:24). Also running well were Sally Carr (48:35) and Maria Macdonald (54:33).

The ladies team was placed 89 out of 112.

A video of the race courtesy of Tonbridge AC is available below


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