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  • Maryse Ford

Senior Women At Danson Park – Kent League 3

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

The senior women were out in force again at Danson Park. Last year we were pleased but a bit surprised at the number of fast times. We suspected that the course was short and sure enough this year an extra loop and wiggle had been added. That said again there were a number of excellent performances. After a fast start a group of four runners broke away from the rest and didn’t at any point look like they would be caught. It was then a matter of who would drop back. It was good to see two Cambridge Harriers battling for the lead with Holly Dixon and Caroline Ford eventually taking 2nd and 3rd place. Lucy Marlow and Louise Knight also had good runs in 14th and 18th. Hayley Newman and Cara Oliver completed the team of six. The women again came second in both the team of three and the team of six competitions. Our non scoring runners Sue Dixon, Rose Baker (first home in her age group) Sally Carr, Frances Nestor, Angela Ford, and Maria Macdonald were producing fine performances whether trying to beat their park run times from that morning or friendly rivals.

2 Holly Dixon 18:32 3 Caroline Ford 18:47 14 Lucy Marlow 20:07 18 Louise Knight 20:27 30 Hayley Newman 21:16 43 Cara Oliver 21:53 44 Susan Dixon 21:58 60 Rose Baker 23:00 89 Sally Carr 24:10 140 Frances Nestor 27:52 142 Angela Ford 28:02 153 Maria Macdonald 29:44


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