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Road running round up

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

It has been a busy few weeks of racing for the Cambridge Harrier road running group and the training is clearly paying off with some excellent results on the road, trail and on the track.

There are so many road races to chose from in and around London and the South East giving everyone an opportunity to race almost every weekend throughout the Summer.


Joydens Wood 5km Summer Series - Wednesday 28th July

In very wet conditions, the volunteers at Dartford Road Runners put on their popular Joydens Wood Summer Series. Those of us who race here for the Cambridge Harriers Winter series know how tough this course is and to be honest this felt like winter cross country conditions. The heavy rainfall, coupled with mud and steep downhills made for some challenging segments on the course. Nonetheless there was an excellent turnout from the Cambridge Harriers with 17 athletes taking part. The results can be seen below with some excellent performances from James Macdonald (3rd place) and Luke Ford (4th place) who were the first 2 Cambridge Harriers to finish.

3 James Macdonald (M40) 18:59; 4 Luke Ford (SENM) 19:17; 11 David Worden (M35) 20:44; 21 Peter St-Amour (M40) 22:01; 24 Catherine Martin (SENW) 22:14; 28 Graham Maynard (M50) 23:00; 42 Donna Martin (W35) 24:21; 47 Paul Ford (M50) 25:06; 49 Chris Hovenden (SENM) 25:17; 51 Christine Bond (W55) 25:24; 60 Hannah Whitefield (SENW) 26:07; 71 Ian McCarthy (M60) 27:47; 83 Keith Dungate (M70) 28:53; 89 Angela Ford (W50) 29:29; 96 Maria Macdonald (W65) 31:11; 109 Stephanie Dungate (W60) 36:21; 116 Anna Rowland (W60) 38:47.

Maria Macdonald - David Worden - Catherine Martin



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