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Reigate Priory Relays

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

We had entered two men’s teams in this year’s event, the “A” team consisting of the same four runners that made up our only team last year. This year we were 1 minute 11 seconds slower, which may be at least partly due to the somewhat muddier conditions, although we also slumped from 12th to 18th, perhaps the competition was just stronger? For the record David was 42 seconds down on last year and Tarbo 49, whereas the over 50s had improved, Christian by 2 seconds and me by 18. Is that how it is supposed to work?

This year we were joined by Ian McCarthy, Mark Cross and Mark Newell and with yours truly running round a second time we were able to complete a “B” team, coming 43rd. We were also pleased to be joined by 3 of the club’s women this being the first (and hopefully not the last) time that we had entered a ladies’ team in this event (for which see separate race report).

As always it was an enjoyable afternoon, it is a lovely course and the heavy rain of the preceding night and morning gave way to better weather right on cue. Each leg is just 2.5 miles so after all the longer cross country races we have being doing it seems that no sooner have you started you have already finished (even the second time round!) and the relay format makes a nice change giving plenty of time to spectate and cheer as well as run.


Cambridge Harriers ‘A’


Clem Dixon


David Reader


Tarbo Fukazawa


Christian Poulton


Cambridge Harriers ‘B’


Ian McCarthy


Mark Cross


Clem Dixon


Mark Newell



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