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  • Maryse Ford

Lucy wins Club Champs and it’s Team Bronze at Kent Champs

The senior womens team of six won bronze medals at the Kent County Championship. If ever there was an example that every member of the team counts then this was it. The margin we gained the medal was a mere 7 places and to think that Megan Williams our last scoring runner had hurt her foot on the first lap and had been thinking of dropping out. Its vital that she was determined to finish…

Sue Dixon

The Kent County Championship was held again at Brands Hatch this year. We had ten women entered with eight turning out on the day. Frankly I don’t think that any of us had aspirations of gaining County medals with the real contest being an internal one for the club championship. The club championship was also going to be the most open that it has been for some years with Lucy Marlow now getting into full training after Joe’s birth, Christine Bond remaining injury free and very fit, Emily Meins(a previous winner) finally able to appear even though it was on the back on many night shifts and Sue Dixon and Rose Baker(last years winner) both running well. Emily took the lead early on. However both Lucy and Christine were not far behind. Emily held on to her lead into the final lap. In the meantime Lucy who had been running more or less side by side with Christine began to draw away from her. Lucy had Emily well within her sights and finally passed her on the bend before the final hill. Further back Sue and Rose both looked to be running comfortably and enjoying themselves. Significantly both ran in well determined not to be pipped at the post. As it turned out in the County team championship if either had just jogged in then we may well not have won the bronze. Megan was looking a bit uncomfortable and shouted out that her foot was hurting. Luckily she kept going. Sally Carr and Angela were not that far behind completing the squad. In our post match analysis we all commented that the team had grouped well in the placings but none of us had realised that this was important. After all we did not have a top thirty finisher. Lucy was presented with the CH trophy and photographed with Emily in silver medal position and Christine in bronze. Then after a quick tea/coffee to warm up nearly everyone trooped off home. Megan and I decided to watch a few of the presentations but feeling very cold I was trudging off just before the end when I heard the name Meins called out – there could not be two with that name so I ran back to see Megan rewarded for not dropping out being presented with the medals for the team. Well done everyone!

A video of the race is available via this link courtesy of Tonbridge AC.


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