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  • Christine Bond

Kent XC Masters – Women

The weather conditions were excellent which made the going under foot excellent too. This event is one of the best in terms of facilities so well done Dartford Harriers for ample parking, good refreshments & use of clean toilets but you still need to bring your own toilet roll! The course itself is one of my favourites, good for spectators with it’s zig zagging sharp bends winding back forth on a steep slope – at times you needed a piece of rope to assist you upwards. Marshal Geraldine from Bexley was at the bottom to catch anyone who toppled over (thanks Geraldine!). When I looked at my watch I thought we had another field to run round and it wasn’t until Mick pointed out the finishing line straight ahead that I realised that for once I wouldn’t crawl mentally to the line!

Rose won’t settle for the excuse that her 100miler is still in her legs but Sue and I agree we’d need at least 6 months to get over it. At least there was no park run for her that morning. It seems she was rushing around after Brett so not a restful morning either. Susan Dixon showed consistency and strength making up the team of three which resulted in CH Team coming in fourth in the 45-55 age group. In total our team was only 5 places and less than 30 seconds behind third placed Kent AC. Unfortunately for our next two runners there wasn’t a third so no second team on this occasion. Both Sally & Susan were close and ran well making five starters and five finishers making the muster at the end one big hugging circle. It was nice we had the men in with us this time. I feel really proud to be a Cambridge Harrier and the way everyone waits around at the end to cheer each other on until everyone is in.


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