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  • Steven Marlow

Kent XC League – Senior Women

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

With the Winter Olympics kicking off in near record cold temperatures, the Kent Cross Country League was not to be outdone, with the near-freezing weather demanding some runners find shelter from the chilly wind. Following a blustery walk along a long exposed path, the usual tents could be found huddled together under the trees taking shelter from the wind. Having discarded a plethora of coats, hats, and gloves, the starter’s gun relieved everyone from the ordeal of staying still at the start.

As they ran past the camp, the joy of running and getting warm was palpable. The race began with one lap of the exposed, windy field, before heading towards the sheltered woods, where the runners were met with another challenge: the thick mud and steep hills; cross country at its best – a course that everyone really enjoyed. Having entered the woods the runners ran past a gathering of spectators at the bottom of the first hill which lifted everyone’s spirits ahead of the difficult climb. By the second lap of the woods the field had fanned out as the athletes had exerted themselves; the hill and mud having taken its toll. Lucy Marlow was leading Cambridge Harriers, followed by Molly Hawkins and Emily Meins, with Christine Bond, Sue Dixon, Sally Carr and Francis Nestor all running strongly and attacking the course with gusto. The great form showed by the team continued on the second lap with everyone holding their positions well. The final order was: Lucy Marlow (19), Molly Hawkins (28), Emily Meins (40), Sue Dixon (42), Christine Bond (52), Sally Carr (76) and Francis Nestor (91).

Special mention must go to Christine, who ran strongly despite running with an injured foot. Lucy also showed another big improvement since the birth of baby Joe and only a few months of training. The team was hugely grateful for the support of Maria who cheered everyone along at the difficult points of the course. Baby Joe tried his best to support the team and next time will be wearing his new Cambridge Harriers cardigan from Christine! Overall the team finished 5th which is a great achievement- well done everyone for a great cross country season.

Video of the race is available below courtesy of Tonbridge AC


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