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Cranleigh 21

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Early to Bed, Early to…. The Cranleigh15/21 Miler

An hour and a half drive on the morning the clocks go forward for a 9am, 21 mile race – whoever thought that was a good idea? Well, nine ‘glad-my-alarm-clock worked’ Cambridge runners turned out for the Cranleigh 15/21 last Sunday. It was a 15 or 21 mile run where runners could chose the distance, even during the race but needless to say everyone went large and was successful. The picture shows Darren O’Brien, Kate Mitchell, Anna and Grace Rowland, Maria McDonald, Sharon Bradley and Steve Brown – whilst they were posing for selfies at the back, James McDonald and Steve Groom were positioned at the front for a quick getaway. It was another perfect day for running; cool but not cold, still and dry, and the course was pretty good too. As a pre-London warm-up it was never going to be as flat as Lydd but considering it was near the Surrey Hills it was surprisingly even. So how did we get on? Well, our two selfie-shy racing snakes at the front were well placed to beat the somewhat crowded start of over 700 runners. 458 finished the 21 miles with James coming a stonking 2nd and Steve Groom a superb 10th, a fantastic effort from the two best runners, with Steve Brown squeaking into the top 50 at 49th. Grace was in next followed by Darren, Kate, Maria, Sharon and Anna – a good day had by all! Next year we should take the minibus and celebrate in the rather nice Cranleigh locale so if you’re up for it, put in your diary – but let’s hope it doesn’t fall on BST-Day!



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