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  • Phil Pape

XC Relay Report

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Joyden's Wood October 31, 2020

In what could turn out to be the only cross country event we do this year the weather reminded us all of what we could be missing, at least it kept us cool. Recent logging in Joydens Wood had also made the course nice and muddy.

James MacDonald got his team off to a winning start just holding off Chris Thorburn by 3 seconds with Steve Groom 18 seconds further back. Caroline Ford extended their lead to 30 seconds as Rob Shearer moved his team up to second with Graham Maynard doing the first of his laps dropping from second to forth. Dom Fiore briefly got his team into third. On the third leg Holly Dixon extended the lead by three seconds from Harry Collins to set up a final lap chase for Ben Shearer on Ed Edigwe. Ed went wrong near the end, not the only one, to set up a close finish on the final hill but held on to win by 4 seconds with Ben producing the fastest time of the day in 11.04.

In the U15s race Iris Williams came home in front on the first leg from Aniket Iyengar, Jack Adams and Inez Rice. Amelia Lawrence ran a strong second leg to move her team to the front and Gervace Card made the victory secure with the fastest leg of the day with a 12.46 clocking. Abigail Richards would have made it a closer finish if she hadn’t lost a shoe on the final muddy descent.

Due to the rain some of the recording became unreadable so here are the amended results.

1. 46.49 (James Macdonald 11.43, Caroline Ford 12.07, Holly Dixon 11.24, Ed Edigwe 11.35)

2. 46.53 (Steve Groom 12.04, Rob Shearer 12.16, Harry Collins 11.27, Ben Shearer 11.06)

3. 49.43 (Chris Thorburn 11.46, Graham Maynard 13.21, Will Longhurst 12.11, Christian Poulton 12.25)

4. 53.36 (Luke Ford 12.18, Dom Fiore 12.34, Ian McCarthy 15.07, Dave Warden 11.41)

5. 55.12 (Rose Baker 15.48, Duncan Hope 12.05, Sophie Johnson 14.05, Sophie Parkes 13.14)

6. 58.00 (David Hunter 13.47, Mick Ellsmore 15.00, Mark Cross 14.50, Antonia Irranca 14.23)

7. 59.37 (Liam Carr 13.18, Sally Carr 15.42, Alice Bodie 17.15, Sue Dixon 13.22)

8. 60.40 (Christine Bond 14.40, Marian Hine 16.54, Cara Oliver 14.25, Frank Hudson 14.41)

9. 69.54 (Peter Hadley 18.13, Mark Newell 22.01, Pat Austin 15.22, Graham Maynard 14.18)

10. DNF (Graham Brown 21.45, Carol Marsh 17.48, Natalia Peskareva 15.22)


1. 39.15 ( Jack Adams 13.10, Amelia Lawrence 13.19, Gervace Card 12.46)

2. 40.27 (Iris Williams 12.58, Mia Harris 14.14, Abigail Richards 13.15)

3. 51.00 (Inez Rice 13.45, Zoe Everett 15.34, Isabella Richards 21.41)

Fastest Times

Seniors Juniors

Ben Shearer 11.04 Gervace Card 12.46

Holly Dixon 11.24 Iris Williams 12.58

Harry Collins 11.27 Aniket Iyengar 13.02

Ed Edigwe 11.35 Jack Adams 13.10

Dave Warden 11.41 Amelia Lawrence 13.19

James MacDonald 11.43

Chris Thorburn 11.46

Steve Groom 12.04

Duncan Hope 11.05

Caroline Ford 12.07

Thank you to everyone who took part or helped out and hope it’s not too long before we can do this again.


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