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  • Christine Bond

Womens’ SCVAC – Match Five

The efforts of eight athletes tonight mean we are now laying in 3rd position overall. We need to hold this place for the next match to secure our place and avoid relegation which now looks very promising.

It was Cara, Rose & Ros who kicked off the first track event in the 400m whilst out on field Long and High Jump were on at the same time, we weren't the only club who moaned about having competitors in both. It was back and forth for Xanine and Maria. Result, Xanine (W35) finished 3rd in the triple jump and 1st in the high jump. Maria (W50) triple jump finished 4th and in the W60 High jump 2nd. In the W50's High Jump Chris Bond adds another win to an already long list of High Jump wins over years of SCVAC matches, this win was on top of being in Ashford yesterday and completing the Great Kent 100mile bike ride with former GB Marathon runner Glynis Penny – Well done ladies but that doesn't earn us points in these league matches!

Out on the field still quite a lot of hammers seemed to be landing themselves in the cage with that familiar 'clanking' sound, luckily our girls they all got throws that counted. (W35) Xanine beat her distance of two years ago from 20.35 to 20.77 which hopefully makes a 3hrs journey was worth making! Marlow had to drop two age groups to the (W50) which meant we had Maria in the W60 to cover all age groups, Maria set another PB with 14.39. Running might not be going so well Maria this year but it's PB after PB on the field - well done.

Returning from injuries Cara and Lisa braved the 3000 both finishing 3rd , this gives Lisa a PB as a first timer over this distance - not sure she liked the last three laps as much as the first four! Rose Baker set a new PB in the W50s 3000m, down from 12:1:08 last year to 11:57:8, resulted in 2nd place to our friend Clare Elms. It was another 1st for Ros Tabor in the 3000m just one second off of last year's best time - overall a good result from our distance runners who had the 4 x400m to run too. A good team which was up against some really strong runners from other clubs, Rose, Xanine (shocked to this distance!) Cara and Ros' team finished 3rd securing our 3rd place overall.

So, if you want to join in the fun (!!) our last match is at Gillingham on Friday 15th July. Events: 800m, High Jump, Discus, 100m, Long Jump, 4x200m.

Team Manager does acknowledge the efforts all of you have to go to travel to these matches – you will get your goodie bag at the last match!

We welcome supports to cheer competitors on, reward, hitting the services for refuelling unhealthy grub on the way home!!

RESULTS: W35 400M Cara Oliver (W40) 78.6 5th W35 400M Rose Baker (W50) 80.3 4th B String W35 3000M Cara Oliver (W40) 12.02.2 3rd W35 3000M Rose Baker (W50) 12.19.6 3rd B String M35 4x400M RELAYS Rose Baker – Xanine Powell – Ros Tabor – Cara Oliver 5.37.7 3rd W35 HIGH JUMP Xanine Powell (W40) 1.20 1st W35 TRIPLE JUMP Xanine Powell (W40) 6.52 3rd W35 HAMMER Xanine Powell (W40) 6.52 3rd W50 400M Ros Tabor (W55) 77.1 2nd W50 3000M Rose Baker 11.57.6 2nd W50 HIGH JUMP Christine Bond 1.30 1st W50 TRIPLE JUMP Maria Macdonald (W60) 5.49 4th W50 HAMMER Marlow Hadler (W70) 16.15 4th W60 3000M Ros Tabor (W65) 12.45.5 1st W60 HIGH JUMP Maria Macdonald 1.00 2nd W60 HAMMER Maria Macdonald 14.39 3rd

MATCH RESULTS 1. Dartford 6 / 79 2. Blackheath & Bromley 5 / 70.5 3. CAMBRIDGE HARRIERS 3 / 48.5 4. Bexley 3 / 48.5 5. Bromley Veterans 2 / 17

OVERALL DETAILS 1. Dartford 30 / 374 2. Blackheath & Bromley 23 / 299.5 3. CAMBRIDGE HARRIERS 18 / 262 4. Bexley 18 / 234.5 5. Bromley Veterans 11 / 155


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