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VLM 2020 – Cambridge Harriers Club Ballot Places

As a UKA affiliated club, Cambridge Harriers can apply for an allocation of places in the Virgin London Marathon. The number of places is based on the number of adult members who have paid their UKA fee. For those adult members who wish to be entered in a club ballot for 2020 places there are the following criteria;  –

1. You must be a fully paid up member of Cambridge Harriers and have paid the additional UK Athletics licence fee.

2. You must have been a member of Cambridge Harriers for at least a calendar year prior to this application.

3. You must have applied for a place through the public ballot and have been rejected. You must be able to prove the rejection by official email or letter etc.

The number of places likely to be allocated is expected to 2 and the process is yet to be opened by VLM. As in previous years, the ballot is likely to be made when all is known at around the club Christmas Handicap. As in previous years the club has been fortunate to have been gifted places in return for staffing water stations on the course and for which we have been immensely grateful to Les Pullen and Annie Fisher. This year we will also have additional gifted places consequent of Phil Pape’s team of volunteers. If all goes well and to plan I anticipate having around 10 places in a ballot.

If you fulfil the criteria and wish to be entered in the ballot, please contact me at brown.stephen@ntlworld.com.

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