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Virtual VMLM


The virtual London Marathon is being run on Sunday 4th October

Some Cambridge Harriers will be attempting this run along the Thames path between Erith and Greenwich on the Sunday morning and I have volunteered to set up a feed station in Thamesmead just before the sewage works. We also hope to have a second station near Greenwich, to be confirmed.

Other Harriers are welcome to run the distance. I am happy to take anyone’s personalised bottles or food etc if required. Also it would be good to have some support from non marathoners on the day, the Thames path is a great traffic free cycle route and I could do with a bit of company!

The run will be based on watch time so there is no fixed start or finish point so an individual run could start from home and take in some of the Thames path, or could be run back and forth.

If anyone wants further information then they can email me or contact by phone on 07788923325

Report by Stephanie Dungate


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