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  • Christine Bond

Tough Mudder 2018

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Emily Meins, Carol Marsh and Christine Bond, completed the Full, 10mile Tough Mudder last Sunday at Henley upon Thames. The song, `mud, mud glorious mud’ was heard, better runners then singers! The good weather suited all three competitors especially as they crawled out of the obstacle “Arctic Enema”, a chute that spat you out into a pool of ice cube water, instant brain freeze trying to swim towards and then under the plank that would finally mean you could get out.

An exhilarating, great fun team building event – if you like that sort of thing, great training for the cross country season, the Nationals last year had nothing on this!! Next time, the CH women are looking for CH men to join them, who’s up for it?

Photo’s of Finish and three Cambridge Harriers Mud Angels!


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