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  • Maryse Ford

The Senior Women at Swanley

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

The inaugural winners of the Cambridge Harriers Team of the Year Trophy were back in action last weekend at Swanley and were on great form- 2nd overall to Holly Dixon, 2nd in the team of three and 2nd in the team of six. The Senior Women returned to Swanley for the first time since October 2015. The course was rainy, sodden, slippery in places and quite popular with the team not least because its proximity to home meant that it was not necessary to sacrifice a whole day and a hot shower was not far away after the finish. The standout performance came from triathlete Holly Dixon who established herself on the leader’s shoulder right from the start. She looked completely comfortable in her running and only got out kicked at the end because she misjudged the finish line. A fantastic performance and it looks like there is more to come. Lucy Marlow got detached from the chasing group on the first lap and looked for a few minutes to be stuck running on her own. However she drew them back in finishing well up the field. Louise Knight was not far behind and hopefully will remain injury free this season. Next up was our other triathlete Hayley Newman. The Dixon family were doing the team proud with mum Sue hot on Hayley’s heels. The team of six was completed by Christine Bond.

Its great to be competitive but the team is not just about those who score it’s also about just going out and enjoying challenging yourself even if you are ill – Angela Ford. Thanks also to those who stood around in the rain giving all our runners much appreciated encouragement. The next race is Somerhill -always a favourite.

2 Holly Dixon 18:00 14 Lucy Marlow 19:30 18 Louise Knight 19:49 34 Hayley Newman 20:39 37 Sue Dixon 20:47 72 Christine Bond 22:15 83 Sally Carr 22:51 110 Marian Hine 24:12 119 Joanne Murphy 25:10 135 Frances Nestor 26:22 147 Angela Ford 27:57


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