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  • Maryse Ford

Team Silver for the Senior Women

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Silver in the team of three, the team of six and for Maria Macdonald. What a fantastic end to the 2019-2020 Kent League season. We had been worried that we may not make the numbers because the squad had picked up so many injuries. So there was a lot of counting, double checking and a brave offer to run injured from Rose. Yet in the end we fielded nine with Monica Whitefield, Anna Rowland and Donna Martin finally able to make their first appearances in the league this season. They joined Hayley Newman, Sue Dixon and Sally Carr who turned out for every league match this season and in the case of Sue and Sal if they make the Nationals will have run every race we entered. This also means that these three are currently in the medal positions as far as the Grand Prix is concerned with only one race to go. In fact there is just one point between gold and silver with Hayley having overhauled Sue with her performance at Norman Park. So the Nationals will decide it.

As for the race at Norman Park although we were missing very nearly all our faster runners a solid performance by the girls was enough to carry off those silver medals and that was just what was needed. Hayley was our best performer to come home in 20th position showing her improvement over the country,

20 Hayley Newman 24:12 32 Sue Dixon 25:47 58 Donna Martin 27:48 64 Sally Carr 28:18 72 Marian Hine 28:57 92 Monica Whitefield 32:02 99 Frances Nestor 32:47 100 Maria Macdonald 33:01 105 Anna Rowland 34:25


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