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South of England XC Championships – Senior Men

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

The legend that is the Southerns when it is at Parliament Hill was enjoyed by only a select few of the Club’s senior men this year. Team scoring is for teams of 6 here and with 18 entered that shouldn’t have been a problem, but with 2 DNFs (did-not-finish; I had an excuse: my shoe fell apart!) as well as 9 DNSUs (did-not-show-up; a variety of excuses or lack thereof) and 1 DNR (did-not-register; David Reader started the race with an ankle chip but finished without one), we were left with exactly 6 in the official results: 58th place, our worst since 2012!

But what am I moaning about? Not the mud certainly which was at its stickiest, and at least with my running shoes in the first bin we came across I don’t have to worry about cleaning them. Also on a positive note, there was an impressive first cross country outing of the season from Chris Hovenden, out-sprinting Tarbo at the finish to be our third finisher (second in the results). Post race analysis continued long into the night at various Hampstead hostelries.


111 Dean Lacy 54:25 438 Chris Hovenden 1:01:48 439 Tarbo Fukazawa 1:01:49 653 Christian Poulton 1:06:12 1002 Graham Maynard 1:17:37 1033 Martin Hawkins 1:18:57


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