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  • Maryse Ford

Senior Women at the SEAA XC Champs

We were all very pleased that the bitterly cold weather ended to be replaced by weak, but very welcome, sunshine for the SEAA Champs at Parliament Hill last Saturday. Network Southeastern even decided to run half a rail service in contrast to most of the previous weeks shambolic effort from them. So we arrived in great spirits with the runners looking forward to the promised tough muddy course. They were not disappointed this time although they only witnessed one person loosing their spikes and then narrowly avoiding being trampled in the effort to pick it up. It wasn’t one of us so the girls plowed on regardless. It was slippery underfoot by not a real slog. So all three runners produced really good times. First back was the new Cambridge Harriers senior women’s champion Rose Baker ( pictured) followed by Monica Whitefield and Donna Martin.


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