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  • Maryse Ford

Senior Women at SEAA XC Champs at Parliament Hill

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

This years championship at Parliament Hill proved to be an epically muddy test of strength and endurance but it wasn’t raining nor was it cold. Four CHs started and four finished. Hayley Newman just back from injury and not hugely enjoying trying to stay on her feet uphill in liquid mud was the first women to finish. Next was Sue Dixon with a strong performance despite a fall. Sally Carr and Maria Macdonald completed the line up.

This was the sixth qualifying race in the CH Grand Prix with the best six out of eight races to count. Sue Dixon who has completed all six races is the current leader but she can be overhauled by Hayley who was injured for the Kent Championship and so has only completed five races. Sally Carr is also in the running. The final two qualifying races are Kent League 4 and the National


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