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  • Maryse Ford

Senior Women at Danson Park

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

It was a record turn out for the senior women at Danson Park with seventeen starters. Although the course is very local it is pretty flat and boring particularly for those who do the weekly Bexley Parkrun yet everyone was keen to take part. We had had a great record in the Kent League so far this season and we wanted to make it three second place finishes in the team of three and team of six competitions. We did! It was also great that we had six decades represented and to see everyone encouraging each other, running in little groups and to have a few more supporters shouting out for the team. Not only did the scoring teams do brilliantly- only three points off first in team of three – but also there were some impressive individual performances. We had both highly placed finishers and a number of significantly improved times over the previous years performance. So much so that whilst the course looked the same as the previous year we were left wondering if the turn on the shorter laps was in the same place. We’ve chosen to think that people were stronger! As some people improved by minutes that must be true.

Caroline Ford took out the field for much of the first lap with Holly Dixon and Lucy Marlow not too many metres back. New club member Amelia Ritchie close behind.U20 Lara Atkinson this time wisely decided to start more conservatively at this longer distance so that she could then work on picking people off in successive laps. Sue Dixon and Christine Bond are beginning to have a (polite) tussle to see who finishes in front of the other with the honours one a piece before the start of Saturdays race. At Danson the flatter course favoured sprinter Sue but with hillier courses to come Christine’s strength may prevail. Sue would also end the race as our last scoring runner. Cara Oliver made her first appearance this season and ran steadily in the upper mid field with Rose Baker hard on her heels. Megan Williams was one of those whose time was considerably better than last year and she also looked pretty comfortable throughout the race and certainly much happier than when she had run with a stitch last time out. Sally Carr again had to run on her own. Marian Hine made what may be her only appearance in the league this year as she works on Saturday morning and so can not travel. Such a shame as she was clearly having fun.

By the second lap the leaders had changed. Caroline was still with the leaders but had dropped to fourth just behind Maria Heslop and ultimately came fifth. Lucy had overtaken Holly-they eventually finished 9 and 11. A really impressive team effort and so close to coming first team. Lara was 13th and third U20. Next Amelia (38) and Sue (51) completed the team of six. Another great family effort from mother Sue and daughter Holly! Donna,Joanne, Angela , Frances and Maria spent much of the race running together as is clear from the results.


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