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SCVAC Match 5 – Women

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Guess what – LANE 6 AGAIN! 400m , Combined W35 A&B strings, once again thanks to Susan for dropping an age group all evening, never know, it could be for the last time as we welcome Lucy and Natalie into our team end of this summer! For Susan, guess a 400m is a good warm up for the 3000m! 3rd amongst some strong runners. Lisa Atkinson looked comfortable finishing 2nd in the B race. Lovely to welcome back Joanne Murphy, what better way than with a flat 400m! travelling back from Edinburgh earlier today didn’t seem to have too much of an effect as it was first place for Joanne, neither did being in the Triple Jump competition at the same time! Maria could not see a gap on the team sheet either so she combined high jump with triple jump. Back to the 3000m, Both Susan and Sally got 3rd knocking a few seconds off to gain on my record PB’s. It was first place for Rose Baker in the W50’s 3000m looking strong, like her old self back after the marathon, in the W60’s Anna Rowland was filling in for our Ros, Anna did not want to settle for 3rd and in the home straight with 30meters found a sprint making the finish into 2nd place exciting to have watched.

Anna Rowland 3000m 2nd place

Also in the High Jump, Christine Bond kept her string of 1sts going for another season and with some helpful tips from Peter H, one that went `walk out the back!’ both Maria and Anna did the club proud in the Hammer, both dropping age groups, Anna twice W35’s hammer heavier than the W60’s! same with Maria for the W50’s, plus Maria is still carrying an injury didn’t feel she did very well until we reminded her Chris Bond didn’t even hit the grass the last time she throw at the last meeting! Relays: 4 x 400m, a lovely squad lead by Susan Dixon to Lisa Atkinson, to Joanne Murphy to Christine Bond who having cycling to Hythe on Saturday and back Sunday with club mate Glynis Penny (total of 134miles) ran reasonably. A lovely evening, to end – traditional McDonald’s visit then straight on the motorway home, only not straight home, diversion meant we set out on Monday but arrived home Tuesday! Around 12:10am!

Lisa Atkinson, Sally Carr, Susan Dixon, Christine Bond, Joanne Murphy

Main picture – Rose Baker 3000m 1st place

See website for full results and times.

Next Match is the last match so lets go out with a bang! Friday 19th July 2019 at Erith


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