• Angela Coe-Sinha

Sabrina Sinha improves club record at Lougborough International

Sabrina Sinha had yet another good race yesterday at the Loughborough International competing for the GB Junior team (U20’s). In only her second 1500m of the season, she reduced her PB (and club record) from last week by more than a second to 4.17.48. She came 4th, but third scorer, to Sarah Macdonald (4.12.44), Bobby Clay (4.15.78) and Line Schulz (4.16.61), a Danish runner. Sabrina was by far the youngest in a senior race.

The weather wasn’t as good as last week in Manchester, with the wind picking up and the temperature dropping prior to her race. The pace of the race meant that the first 800m was also slower than Sportscity so she is hoping she can go even faster.

Watch the race in full here

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