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North Downs Run

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Four of us took on the 30k North Downs Run this year; one of the longest standing local trail races and still one of the best. It has changed a bit over the years, some of the wheat fields you ran through have been turned into vineyards, a change of venue for the start/finish to the Cyclopark has meant a different, and somewhat easier, start and finish section, and the now annual inclusion of the British Masters Athletics Federation trail championships means that the quality of the field, at least among the older contingent, is much higher. Those of us who harbour hopes of winning age categories now have to be prepared for medal hunters parachuting in from all over the country; this year Christian's nemesis had travelled from Gloucestershire and Clem's from Cambridgeshire but we both still managed to take silver in our respective age groups.

26 Christian Poulton 2:18:38

55 Clem Dixon 2:31:33

144 Graham Maynard 2:50:44

172 Steve Brown 2:58:32


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