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  • Gill Barber

KYAL League Match 1 – Under 15 Girls

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Today’s competition saw a big drop in numbers for our under 15s girls, (we were missing half our team), but the 8 girls who made the journey down to Norman Park persevered and battled on despite not being able to fill all the events in the field as they had in the YDL League match before. Also there were no 200m sprint events for the under 15 girls in this leg of the Kent League, and we managed to field both a 4x100m and 4x300m relay team.

New PBs all round for all three 100m sprinters with special mention for Bryanna’s PB of 13.15 which earned her 3rd place, a new PB for Madeline Tynan who knocked nearly 3 seconds off her previous time of 5.20.59 in the 1500m, and another solid performance from the duo of Kacey and Amirat in the A & B string high jump with Kacey coming 1st in the A string with a jump of 1.55m and Amirat equalling her new PB of 1.35m to come 3rd in the B string.  Kacey also went on to win 2nd place in the shot put event which had already started before the high jump was over, but after a quick change of shoes (and a quick word from the team manager to the officials) managed to jump in at the end of the round for a throw of 10.22m which earned her 2nd place in the A string and a new PB.  A good debut performance in the shot put from Tyla-Kristine (having had an emergency practise with her coach Kenny) saw her throw 7.23m to take 3rd place in the B string.  A new PB of 44.33 for Rebecca in the 300m sprint with room for more to come as she ran a good solid race, and a great run in the 75m hurdles saw Asmara come 3rd in her race in a time of 13.08. Tianna and Asmara both took part in the long jump, and although both athletes are capable of jumps of just over 4m, they were both just a little down on what they are usually capable of achieving, but it is still really early days yet and the season has only just started so bodes well for them both in the forthcoming weeks.  Both our relay teams came in to take a creditable 3rd place in both the 4×100 and 4×300 against some very strong teams.  Well done to everyone who took part.

A link to photos taken on the day can be found here, again apologies :-

Apologies for anyone Kenny missed, he tried his best to get as many as he could but with events clashing etc. unfortunately couldn’t get everyone:-

The results in order of occurrence were as follows,


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