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Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Well done to Liam McLaughlin, turning out for his first cross country of the season, who was our first finisher in 27th at our home fixture in the Kent League. There was not much to choose between our next three, David Reader, Tarbo Fukazawa and Luke Ford changing their relative places frequently over the three lap course. In the end they finished in age order, oldest first, perhaps showing the value of experience on this deceptively strength sapping course. With many of our big guns missing we slipped to 6th in the four-to-score, but it was still good enough to leave us in 4th place in the table with one race to go.

Further back there were some good individual runs but disappointment overall; for the last six years we have always managed to register in the twelve-to-score team competition but here, despite it being our home fixture, various niggles and lurgies reduced us to just ten finishers.


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