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  • Christine Bond

KCC – Senior Women

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

If you like wind, football pitches and a flat course then you would have loved last Saturday’s cross-country. The course was half mile longer than usual, maybe to make it a bit more cross country like on the second lap they sent us into some woodland but only for half a mile.

Rose Baker, having done the park run in the morning turned up to make sure we had a team of six, “with you – we have a team of six!” This meant we had a good chance of holding on to our team position in the results so everyone there on Saturday was of value and had to finish. Having spent the night coughing and spluttering Chris Bond really should have stayed home but as she was needed too it was a case of I’ll be ill latter! So out of 21 entered in the Kent league, it was down to these six, three of which had done all the Kent Leagues. Holly Dixon could be seen way out in front of her other team mates looking very strong and comfortable, Amelia Richie having yet another good run was our second CH runner home with Susan dixon, not at her best, in next, Chris managed to hang on knowing Rose wasn’t far behind with Sally confirming that we had a team to bring home.

As it happened the three amigo’s; Holly, Amelia and Susan were 3rd on the day which meant together they pushed the overall team position up into 2nd, well done girls. Another good result in the team of 6, on the day 2nd which meant at the end of season they were 2nd as well. I think that will be enough to make Team Manager Maryse proud. Unfortunately there isn’t a trophy or even a medal, or even a sticker so instead we had a second cup of tea thanks to sisters Sally & Sue. Thanks to everyone who completed over the season which mainly consisted of the vets/masters holding a senior team together, that’s quite inspiring to think age isn’t a problem! Thanks to Maryse Ford for managing us through the season and helping us achieve our best result in a long time.

Photo: Amelia, Christine, Holly, Susan, Sally & Rose (who notice the photo bomber Geraldine in the back ground?)


Holly Dixon 4th Amelia Richie 15th Susan Dixon 30th Christine Bond 33rd Rose Baker 40th Sally Carr 51st


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