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Isle of Wight Fell Series

As if the steep hills around Ventnor and the challenge of racing three times in two days were not enough, this year we also had to contend with a heatwave. Of all the magnificent volunteers who make this event possible the busiest was the fellow pouring out drinks at the finish. By the time of the Sunday race, the longest of the three, the weather had broken and the rain was something of a relief. As usual the event hosted the South of England fell running championships. You don't have to run all three races of course, but you do if you want to be in with a chance of picking up an SEAA medal, so all four of us duly ran all three races. After the third race there was just time for a quick dip in the sea before the prize giving where we were delighted to find that all four of us were called up for a medal: John O'Mahony M40 bronze, Christian Poulton M50 silver, Graham Maynard M60 silver, Clem Dixon M60 bronze.

Clem, Graham, John, Christian

Race 1: The St Boniface Fell (AS), 3.8km – 235m ascent.

John 11th 20:11

Christian 24th 22:50

Graham 50th 25:13

Clem 60th 27:14

Race 2: The Ventnor Horseshoe (BM), 12km – 443m ascent.

John 8th 1:03:30

Christian 18th 1:11:15

Graham 44th 1:21:29

Clem 55th 1:25:30

Race 3: The Wroxall Round (CL), 21km – 487m ascent.

John 7th 1:37:59

Christian 14th 1:44:05

Graham 40th 2:02:59

Clem 48th 2:05:43


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