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  • Mick Bond

Interview with Daryll Neita

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Ahead of the World Indoor Championships this coming weekend Mick Bond spoke to Daryll about her plans for the season and her memories of growing up with Cambridge Harriers.

Mick: After your amazing performances at last summer’s Olympics did you make any changes to your training?

Daryll: For various reasons I actually moved my training base from Florida to Padova near Venice and am now training with a new coach Marco Airale. We decided to really work on my acceleration as this is not my strength over 100m and I need to be ahead of the pack at 60m not catching up. So I am doing a full indoor season this year and I’m really pleased with the progress we have made to date with PBs coming easily and my best time dropping from 7.21 to 7.11 which is a big jump over 60m.

Mick: Do you have a set of goals for 2022?

Daryll: Well obviously I have the world indoor championships in Belgrade on Friday and hope to do well there. Across the summer my goals are PBs over both 100 and 200m with Dina’s UK 100m record of 10.83 in my sites. I hope to medal at one of the major championships and get gold in the 4x100 relay.

Mick: How did you start with Cambridge Harriers?

Daryll: I started training with Alan Pautard at Ladywell and then moved on to work with you at Sutcliffe when there was just the track and not the incredible indoor facilities we have now. I remember running 75m in the Kent League as an under 13 and couldn’t believe it when the distance went up to 100m! I also long jumped quite a bit and wish I’d kept going at that as I really enjoyed it.

Mick: Best and worst training sessions?

Daryll: Starts and acceleration work are my favourites. We have a 1080 machine which is great for resisted starts. Worst long reps and all the lactic they cause , lactic hurts!

Daryll races over 60m on Friday with heats in the morning, semi finals at 5pm and hopefully the final at 7.55pm UK time. Coverage on BBC2 from 5pm and then on BBC3 from 7pm. You can follow Daryll on Instagragm - @daryllneita and she has a Youtbue channel Daryll Saskia Neita

For those who are interested this is a 1080 machine, available from the US for only 19,000 dollars!


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