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England Masters Inter Area T&F Challenge


Ros Tabor (VAC), Peter Wishart (VAC) and Wole Odele (SCVAC) were the trio of Cambridge Harriers selected to compete for their masters area clubs at the Masters Inter Area Challenge in Solihull. Wole was by far the busiest of the three, competing in a total of 5 events, with the highlight for him being a season's best of 57.38s in his first event, the M50 400m. Peter had throws of 32.84m and 20.37m in the M50 Discus and Javelin, respectively, whilst Ros competed in the W60 400m, finishing in 80.69s. Wole was originally down to compete in just 3 M50 events, 100m, 200m and relay, but two days before the match, he was asked by the team manager to cover the 400m as well as the designated athlete had pulled out. Unfortunately the athlete down to cover both the long and triple jumps hurt his hamstring competing in the earlier Long Jump event on the day, and Wole agreed to cover the Triple Jump as well, just doing 1 legal jump in trainers for the points. The challenge is provided with generous financial support by England Athletics. It is organised annually by the English Athletics Masters Association (EAMA) and is open to all masters area clubs in the UK, including Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Competition is organised for men and women in four age groups, 35-49, 50-59, 60-69 and 70+. Three trophies are presented to the winning teams at the end of each meeting, the winning men’s team, the winning women’s team and the overall winners. This years competition featured a total of 8 area teams, the two southern teams, Vets AC (VAC), Southern Counties Vets AC (SCVAC) as well as Midland Masters AC, Northern Masters, South West Vets, Eastern Masters, Welsh Masters and North East Masters. Midland Masters (MMAC) won the men's competition, followed by SCVAC and then Welsh Masters (WMAA) with VAC in 7th. The same placings were repeated in the Women's competition and Overall



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