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Club Membership Fees 2021

Club membership fees are normally due on 1st January of each year, but as notified last July the club committee has extended the period of membership for those members who paid in 2020 to cover 2021. This is in recognition of the restrictions imposed on athletics by the COVID-19 pandemic. During 2020 there was little competition, and the entire winter season was written off. Nevertheless, many of you paid your annual subscriptions and the club is grateful that so many did, to allow the club to function as normally as possible.

It is important to note that this only applies to club membership fees and that your individual England Athletics registration fee (£15.00) for 2021 will still need to be paid. This fee can be paid directly into the club bank account (details available from the membership secretary).

If you are needing to pay your membership fees as you did not pay last year or not sure whether you paid, please contact the Membership Secretary – Noel Carmody ( who will confirm how much you need to pay or that payment has already been made. If you did not pay in 2020 you are not currently registered with England Athletics and will not be able to enter some competitions.


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