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Club 5 Mile Cross Country Race

We had a record turnout of 55 runners (plus one dog) at the Club 5 this year with the race being well supported by members of other local clubs; there were also quite a few unattached runners, perhaps some of them will be running in Cambridge vests by the time of the next race in the series on the 27th of December?

Joyden’s Wood looked at its best in autumn sunshine with the leaves beginning to change colour, it was also at its driest which should have resulted in a fast winning time but, after a year long absence through injury, Dean Lacy is still some way off his best form. Would there be anyone in the field able to take advantage of this? No, not this time. It was the youngsters who came closest to rising to the challenge with 18 year old Jamie Atkins of Dartford Harriers finishing second and Cambridge’s 17 year old Bayley Massey third (and second in the club championship). The theme was continued with the first female finisher being Dartford Harrier’s talented 16 year old Holly Page.

Gregory Hills of Dulwich was 4th and James MacDonald in 5th place took the bronze medal in the club championship. The first of the five of Cambridge’s women to finish was Emily Meins.

RESULTS 1 29:36 Dean Lacy Cambridge Harriers M 2 30:24 Jamie Atkins Dartford Harriers M 3 30:36 Bayley Massey Cambridge Harriers M 4 30:56 Gregory Hills Dulwich M 5 31:05 James MacDonald Cambridge Harriers M 6 31:16 Steve Hodges Cambridge Harriers M 7 31:55 Dylan Beaver Dartford Harriers M 8 32:17 Luc Legon Cambridge Harriers M 9 32:35 David Reader Cambridge Harriers M 10 32:43 Holly Page Dartford Harriers F 11 33:26 Tarbo Fukazawa Unattached M 12 33:44 David Hall Dartford Harriers M 13 34:50 Christian Poulton Cambridge Harriers M 14 34:59 Jack O’Sullivan Dartford Harriers M 15 35:03 Graham Maynard Cambridge Harriers M 16 35:26 Stewart O’Toole Dartford Road Runners M 17 36:02 Grant Beerling Cambridge Harriers M 18 36:28 Paul Dawes Dartford Harriers M 19 36:35 Ian McLean Unattached M 20 36:52 Clem Dixon Cambridge Harriers M 21 37:03 Anoushka Johnson Dartford Harriers F 22 37:03 Tony Durey Dartford Harriers M 23 37:03 Martin Cunningham Petts Wood Runners M 24 37:19 Colin Hyde Bexley M 25 37:46 Jon Hunter Bexley M 26 38:00 Mal Pires Cambridge Harriers M 27 38:08 Sarah Dowling Unattached F 28 38:13 Nat Hicks Unattached M 29 39:01 Chris Gosden Bexley M 30 39:14 Mick Ellsmore Cambridge Harriers M 31 39:22 Mike Bradley Unattached M 32 39:27 Keith Tanner Unattached M 33 39:30 Emily Meins Cambridge Harriers F 34 39:34 Dawn Saunders Plumstead F 35 40:14 Ian McCarthy Cambridge Harriers M 36 40:26 Gary Hadfield Dartford Road Runners M 37 40:44 Antonio Irranca Unattached M 38 41:00 Christine Bond Cambridge Harriers F 39 41:00 Ian Marshall Cambridge Harriers M 40 42:45 Richard Grant Unattached M 41 42:59 Jason Browne Dartford Harriers M 42 43:27 Donna Martin Cambridge Harriers F 43 43:27 Peter Hadley Cambridge Harriers M 44 45:20 Joanne Murphy Cambridge Harriers F 45 45:52 Susan Edwards Cambridge Harriers F 46 46:56 Leonie Hope Dulwich F 47 47:00 Roger Portis Cambridge Harriers M 48 47:17 Mark Newell Cambridge Harriers M 49 47:30 Scott Bartlett Bexley M 50 48:00 Josette Hadfield Dartford Road Runners F 51 50:01 Dave Martin Unattached M 52 50:23 Caroline Judge Dartford Road Runners F 53 51:58 Kevin Winch Bexley M 54 51:58 Rachael Bignell Dartford Road Runners F 55 57:07 Geraldine Legon Bexley F


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