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Cader Idris Race

Ras Y Gader, Dolgallau. Distance 17.6km, Ascent 915m, FRA Category AM.

This is fell racing at its simplest and its best. You stand in the town square and look up at the mountain and think "Blimey, I have to get up there!". Two hours later (give or take) and you are back in the same square looking up at the same mountain and thinking "Blimey, I was up there just now!". The varied experiences and emotions that you have had between the two are something that you just don't get in other forms of racing.

Four of us made the trip this year, it would have been more but, like many other races this year, entries never really opened; entries for the cancelled 2020 race were rolled over to 2021 and then again to 2022 so it was full from the start.


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