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  • Peter Wishart

British Masters Athletics Indoor Track and Field Championships, with Outdoor Winter Throws

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Report by Peter Wishart The BMAF Indoor Track and Field championships, which took place at Lee valley, March 5th and 6th, saw five Cambridge Harriers taking part. Between them they managed to scoop six gold, and four bronze medals.

As always, we begin with the ladies. Just one competitor this time, Natalie Mann (W35) who claimed four bronze medals in discus, hammer, javelin, and weight throw. The latter with a PB. She also placed 4th in the shot put.

Warwick Dixon (M85): hammer gold, discus gold, javelin gold, weight throw gold, shot put gold. Warwick continues to dominate the M85 age group in the throws events. Another great performance by Warwick.

Edmund Adigwe (M45) dominated the 800m, finishing clear of the field to claim his gold.

Also competing in the championships were Matthew Preston (M45) 800 and 1500; and Peter Wishart (M60) discus, shot put, and weight throw, with a PB performance.

Athlete Event Age Group Position

Natalie Mann Discus (1.0kg) W35 Bronze

Weight (9.08kg) Bronze 9.44m (PB)

Hammer (4.0kg) Bronze

Javelin (600g) Bronze

Shot put (4.0kg) 4th

Warwick Dixon Discus (1.0kg) M85 Gold

Weight (5.45kg) Gold

Hammer (3.0kg) Gold

Javelin (400g) Gold

Shot put (3.0kg) Gold

Edmund Adigwe 800m M45 Gold

Matthew Preston 800m M45 7th

1500m 8th

Peter Wishart Weight (9.08kg) M60 8th 12.18m (PB)

Shot put (5.0kg) 6th

Discus (1.0kg) 7th


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