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BMC Gold Standard Races


Caroline Ford and Sabrina Sinha competed in the BMC 800m B race at Lee Valley on Wednesday 5th August. Sabrina won in 2.08 with a strong last 300m by a clear 3 seconds and Caroline came in 4th. The race was run in lanes under the new coronavirus guidance with 4 athletes placed in every other lane with a stagger between them. This meant they only really saw one athlete ahead of them for the majority of the race meaning Sabrina wasn’t able to see the pacemaker throughout any of the race. It was a good seasons opener for Sabrina who ran it conservatively from lane 3. Unfortunately, Caroline had the harder race racing in lane 7 and had to start a long way in front of the rest of the field with the stagger and finished in 2.15.


Written by: Angela Coe-Sinha

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