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  • Christine Bond

Womens’ SCVAC – Match Four

Still missing any actually Sprinters we filled in the best we could with Emily kicking us off to a good start in second place, unfortunately our B string runner was stuck in traffic so our W50, Joanne Murphy dropped an age group to B W35 and Chris Bond jogged over from the javelin to fill the gap between throws.

Both Rose Baker and Ros Tabor dropped an age groups both finishing 2nd in the 1500m with Emily 3rd in a strong field. Ros ran one of her fastest times in over a year both in the 200m and the 1500m.

As pennants for missing the 200m Rose Baker volunteered to do the 2000walk for the first time ever, Maria's quick coaching based on her experience of filling in for walks before paid off, Rose started off cautiously but after a few laps it was clear she was going to give this all she had despite us laughing from track side, it was how determined she looked moving up through the field and the knowledge she'd probably suffer tomorrow in her lower limbs that brought a smile. Rose did in fact finish in 2nd place in a time that took her to the top of our ranking list! Well done Rose (who did say the next day at Park Run that her knees and calves were very sore!!) Maria finished 4th in the W50s gaining points.

Again, this match brought with it PBs, two for Emily, one in the Shot Putt and the other with a throw of 19.43 in the Javelin . Marlow did the W50s Shot Put and W60s Javelin finishing 2nd.

This results and the team's effort means we finished 3rd on the night but are still laying in 4th position overall so we need to pull out all the stocks for the next match on Monday 27th June at Ashford. I'm taking a car so book yourself a seat, leaving at 5pm.


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