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We Are Family! Cambridge Harriers at the Beckenham Relays

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Not quite Sister Sledge but this particular Generation Game starred the Fords (Angela, Paul and Luke) and the Carrs (Sally, Maddie and Liam) running in their own relay teams. The event was a three-handed relay around a 2.6 mile version of the old Beckenham Assembly League course and Cambridge was well represented with five teams comprising the two families, a men’s A & B and a mixed team. Due to circumstances we didn’t have a ladies’ team and the men’s A was a runner down, however Liam McLaughlin stepped up to run two legs, bookending Dave Worden and the pair raced home to 7th overall – you don’t get anything for a pair, not in this game! They were followed by the men’s B of Graham Maynard, El Presidente Clem Dixon and Mark Cross. Team Ford edged out the mixed team of Sue Weeks, Ian McCarthy and Steve Brown, with Team Carr on their heels. Everyone enjoyed the evening, except perhaps for the seemingly never-ending hill near the start, but we’ll all be back next year. As someone one said, ‘Good game! Good game!’

Men’s A               44:00

Men’s B                52:21

Team Ford          56:27

Mixed                   57:06

Team Carr           58:23

Photo L-R: Dave, Liam, Clem, Maddie, Liam, Sally, Ian, Steve, Sue, Mark, Angela, Luke, Paul


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