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  • Christine Bond

SCVAC Match 2 – Women

Once again Susan Dixon dropped an age group, her time would have meant a good race in the W50’s for 1st place but a respectable 3rd amongst younger athlete was a good start to our meeting and seemed to set the trend for the night. 2nd Place for Lisa Atkinson in the `B’ string 200m looking very comfortable.  In the W50’s 200m Chris Bond was feeling the effects of a long bike ride yesterday on her mountain bike and by now doubted the idea of running a 1500m! Luckily, and at short notice Lisa Atkinson double up with Sally Carr as `A’ and `B’ ran together in the W35’s 1500m, two Cambridge vests working together, with the end in sight it was Sally who just pulled away.  On the field it was Jenny’s turn to drop an age group, her throw got her 2nd place in the W35’s, in the W50’s she’d had won, Chris Bond did well to finish 3rd swapping the 1500m for the discus!

Another star of the night was Anna Rowland, with both Maria and Ros away Anna couldn’t let the points go, happy to give the 1500m a go ended up running really well out-kicking a Dartford Harrier who had sat on her shoulder for the entire race. This means Anna has jumped to 4th in my all-time W60’s ranking list – well done. Susan and Sally wouldn’t see a gap on the team sheet either and between events both took a leap of faith in the long jump, no warmup, no run up, no club records!

The relay was left to Susan Dixon, Lisa Atkinson, Jenny Agyepong and Sally Carr cementing the evening in 3rd place way ahead of 4th.

So, from feeling as a Team Manager that you kind of `bully’ people into doing events they wouldn’t usually do, hearing from Lisa, Jenny and Anna “I really enjoyed that!” was such a comfort, it’s the races you least expect that can sometimes be the ones that give you the most!


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