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  • Christine Bond

SCVAC League Match 6 - Women


Emily was back on board having been disappointed work commitments had clashed with all other match days accept this. She quite surprised herself in the 800m having not trained much and certainly not been on the track for a while. Rose wasn’t so enthusiastic about her 800m race, a weekend of busyness and competing for the club on Saturday after the park run took its toll in the heat and there was little room in her legs for speed. Another surprised having not competed very much this year came from Joanne who wasn’t far times and distances from two years back, think all that Pilates is keeping her in good shape. Xanine scissor-ed her way in the high jump to 1.25m whilst yet again, it was another win for Christine Bond to finish another successful season having been unbeaten. Still awaiting a foot operation, she continued to pull out once she knew she had won to prevent further injury. Not so good on the field for our discus throwers, it just wasn’t the night for Cara and Jenny! Not much better in the Long Jump but at least Xanine and Joanne got in jumps and walked away in one piece. 100m, all three of our non-sprinters were heard to say, “I quite enjoyed that!” after! Emily & Joanne matching almost last season performances whilst for Jenny it was a first time run over 100m since school days – well done! The 4 x 400m relay was always going to be tough against Dartford and Tonbridge, Bexley and Blackheath also had strong teams so to finish 3rd was a good result with Emily on first leg, Joanne second, Cara third and fourth leg Christine. Missing Maria and Ros who both deserved a holiday in our W60’s age group meant we lost some points, next year we will make sure our pool of W60’s is bigger! We finished 4th in the end which at least means we stay in Division 1. I’ll let you know next year’s dates as soon as I get them, and we will see if we can aim higher at the end of the season. Thanks for being such a great team of young ladies at heart!!


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