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  • Peter Wishart

SCVAC Kent Div. 2, Match 4 – Men

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Note: this is an update on the previously published match report.

Now that the official results have been published, there were extensive queries on the Men’s high jump card, we have the confirmed results. As can be seen we won the match by a half point.

Our meeting kicked off with High Jump and Shot Put. Wole Odele (M50) competing in the M35 HJ event recorded another 1st, with a clear win, despite having to make room for the M35 200 in the latter stages of the competition.

Paris Hunt made it 2 wins, by taking the M50 HJ. Tim Carter, who also had to juggle this with the M60 200, scored useful points in the M60 HJ.

The Shot Put featured Peter Hawney and myself, competing in the league for the first time this season. Having been sidelined for the first two matches, under physio’s orders, I was glad to make a contribution, and score maximum points for the team in the M50 event.

Peter H (M65) volunteered for the M35 event, and did very well to finish 3rd.

Next on the schedule was the 200 race series. Wole (M50) won a close race to claim the M35 200 A race.

Newcomer Michael Pape marked his first start in a Cambridge Harriers vest by winning the M35 200 B race. A very welcome addition to the team.

Doug Lucas (M65) had a close battle in the M50 200 race, eventually finishing 3rd.

Tim, also involved in a close race, came home first in the M60 200.

In the Javelin event, it was my turn to step down an age group, and compete in the M35 event, finishing 4th.

In the M50 Javelin Paris set another PB for the season, improving by 3m to claim 1st place.

Peter H made it two wins for us, finishing first in the M60 event.

There was another strong performance in the M35 1500m. Andy Whelan comfortably won the A race.

In the B race Dom Fiore, who had a clear lead going into the last lap, was being closed down. He held his form, and sprinted down the home straight for a clear win.

Mark Ashby competed well in the M50 race for 3rd place, and valuable points for the team.

The last event of the evening was the 2000m Walk. Being Team Manager I felt obliged to volunteer for the M35 age group. Ian McCarthy, who has pledged his support, and volunteers to fill any gap in the team sheet, took on the M50 category.

Walking is easy; trying to race walk is NOT. I thought I could start fast, and hang on. So I started fast, and ended up going backwards through the field. Not wanting to finish last, I attempted to pick up the pace on the last lap; i.e. “sprint”. For my troubles I nearly got knocked off my feet by an official shoving a warning (yellow) paddle in my face, the proverbial two inches from my nose. At least I made up two places!

Although we are comfortably ahead in the league at the moment, it is again a reminder that we still have to turn up and compete, and do the “hard yards”.

Thanks to all who turned out to support and compete.

Huge thanks to our travelling officials: Dave Kitcher, Barry Ferguson, and Catherine Ellis.


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