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Road Running League – Post Paddock Wood Update

A total of 12 men and  8 women were credited with finishes as Cambridge Harriers at Paddock Wood, comprising some fine performances. First Harrier home was Ben Shearer in 5th overall, followed by Danny Kendall, Andy Inglis and Phil Dickens, all in the top 15! First lady was Lucy Foreman, followed by Katie Sanders and Emily Meins.  The other RRL race was the ‘undulating’ Kent Spring Half in which I was the only Cambridge and came 22nd overall, in what must be acknowledged as a less that prestigious field given the aces were at the flat Paddock Wood.

I know of four jokers played today, Ben and Rob Shearer and Dave Worden taking advantage of their good performances, and me, taking advantage of a slower winners’ time. If anyone else played a joker according to the rules, please let me know.

So, who’s who? Not everyone has raced the same number of races so far, there’s a long way to go yet, though I have contemplated finishing the league right now……

Men 1st           Steve Brown (3 races inc. a joker) 2nd          Ben Shearer (2 races inc. a joker) 3rd           Danny Kendall (2 races)

Women 1st           Rose Baker (3 races) 2nd          Lucy Foreman (2 races) 3rd          Sally Carr (1 race)

The full standings and results have been sent to the RRL distribution list, but If anyone knows of anyone not on the list and wishes to be, again, please let me know.

Good luck to those running Brighton next week.

Happy running,


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