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Reigate Priory XC Relays

The relay format of this low key event makes a nice change; you get to spectate as well as run. Each leg is just 2.5 miles and the going was firmer than in recent years making for some fast times.

Much time can be spent discussing the optimum order in which to place runners in a relay, and if you are in with a shout of winning perhaps tactics can come into play, but my philosophy is that you should start with your slowest and build up for no other reason than that it is more fun to be hunting people down than trying, and failing, to hold them off. And so it was that I put myself down to run the first leg putting us in 30th place and leaving the three quicker runners to pick off those in front, finally finishing in 13th.

One year we will turn up with multiple teams including an "A" team that can win the thing, but we say that every year...

Leg 1 Clem Dixon 19:11

Leg 2 Tarbo Fukazawa 16:43

Leg 3 Christian Poulton 17:08

Leg 4 Luke Ford 16:35


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