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Eridge Park 10 Trail Challenge

What a great race the Eridge 10 is! I can't think how it has taken me so long to add it to the list, I guess it often clashed with something else. Graham by contrast has participated in most of the previous 20-odd editions and has the T-shirts to prove it. Eridge Park is a private estate not usually open to the public and host club Tunbridge Wells Harriers have done an excellent job of designing a course that makes the most of the various geographical features and good views that the place has to offer. Expect hills and mud aplenty. And to cap it all a complimentary pint of delicious brown re-hydration fluid (Larkins Traditional) at the finish. Nice to pick up something for the mantelpiece for winning my new age group too.

16th 1:26:14 Graham Maynard (3rd M50)

25th 1:31:30 Clem Dixon (1st M60)

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