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  • Christine Bond

England National Cross-Country Championships

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Finished and can still jump for joy! (Sebrina, Christine, Megan)

We didn’t have a team of four in either in the U20’s or Senior women’s race but that did not stop those who were running from trying their best. The setting was one of the best, Harewood House in the back ground, fields of deer, beautiful woodland and rolling hills of green pastures, not to mention a blue cloud free sky. The unusually warm temperature saw no one in gloves and everyone in vests and shorts despite being a cross county in February. Coloured tents and flags on the infield resembled that of an organised festival. The course well mapped out appealing to spectators and runners alike, a good supply of beverages and food stalls along the bottom next to this year’s memorable t-shirts and sweat-shirts (half price during the men’s race!)

In the U20’s it was Sabrina Sinha that shone bright for the club, she had a fantastic run for 6th place showing her on going determination to get well from a lengthy illness, she looked confident and comfortable, elegant and strong and glad to be back on the ladder to full fitness.

In the senior women it was just two light blue vests of the line. For Megan Williams the achievement was to simply start the race and see what happened having been prescribed antibiotics in the week for a chest and sinus infection, despite this and a tough course Megan finished in 592nd place. Christine Bond had her knee strapped again having been told this was to be her last race if she was to rest for 6 weeks and give the knee ligament a chance to heal. The two lap course, although not muddy had lots of other challenges –  avoiding a twisted ankle the first, long hills either up or down and testing your mental strength to continue seeing that long line of runners ahead of you! Both Chris and Megan finished and embraced each other having heard cheers of encouragement from fellow club mates and the Sinha family. An impressive 1034 finishers, more starters but occasionally on route those that had dropped out dotted along the way, more so on the second lap! Not sure how many of these had the green and purple ribbon on in favour of the women’s race being lengthened to equal the men! (make sure you get your view across on line either for or against before the closing date) – Click here for survey

A big thank you to Team Managers, for Phil, Clem, Mark and those in charge of putting up the CH tent and flag


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