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  • Phil Dickens

Cambridge Harriers well represented again at London Marathon

Congratulations to all our members who ran in the London Marathon this weekend. There were a raft of new PBs run in ideal conditions, and some excellent age category placings.

Ben Shearer ran 2:25:14, one second off his PB, for 55th overall (including elite), and second place in the men’s V40.

Maria Macdonald ran 4:27:45 for 18th in the women’s V65.

Christian Poulton kept up an impressive run of form for 2:45:45 and 19th in the men’s V50.

Rose Barker was 26th in the women’s V50 with 3:21:50

Clem Dixon placed 33rd in the men’s V55 with a run in 3:05:54.

Not in the results below, Vi Chu ran as a guide for Andy Howard.

Also great to hear so much support for Cambridge Harriers all the way around the course.

Still awaiting mini marathon results. Will be happy add any photos you have of Cambridge Harriers out on the course.


*All places below are the club, charity and ballot race places (excluding elite runners)

25. Ben Shearer 2:25:14

59. Phil Dickens 2:30:25

91. Dean Lacy 2:32:26

188. Steve Hodges 2:36:53

577. Christian Poulton 2:45:38

581. James Macdonald 2:45:45

757. Rob Shearer 2:48:58

1288. Mitch Dann 2:55:25

2151. Josh Bugg 3:02:11

2528. Clem Dixon 3:05:54

2848. John Dawe 3:08:36

4828. Rose Baker 3:21:50

5302. Katie Sanders 3:24:46

6078. Graham Maynard 3:28:58

17721. Monica Whitefield 4:18:52

17848. Darren O’Brien 4:19:22

19985. Maria Macdonald 4:27:45

21105. Keith Dungate 4:31:51

30445. Anna Rowland 5:13:41

32482. Mark Newell 5:26:18


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