• Angela Coe-Sinha

BUCS Championships

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

The 2019 BUCS Outdoor championships took place over the bank holiday weekend at a freezing cold and windy Paula Radcliffe Track in Bedford. We are all used to a windy Bedford track but this time the athletes had to also contend with hale stones which made it more akin to cross country conditions!

Sabrina Sinha, in continuing her return to competitive athletics, competed in her favourite event the 1500m for Birmingham University. She cruised comfortably through the heats and semi finals as she tentatively relearnt the nuances of racing again. She ran a conservative final leading the field for the majority of the race but got caught out in the last 200m due to not being race sharp and found herself boxed in with just a little too much to do on the home straight. Despite a fast finish she ran out of track for the finish line but sealed the silver medal. A fantastic result with lots of positives to take away especially so early in the season and with 3 years of racing to catch up with! Ella Newton, second claim athlete, also competed in the 1500m for Nottingham Trent University, she ran well and progressed through to the Semi Finals where she finished 8th.

In the Hammer, Sophie Fenner, competing for Lincoln University, threw 29.67m in qualifying round B on possibly the windiest day of the weekend and finished 10th but unfortunately wasn’t able to progress through to the finals.

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