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Road Running - Junior

There are only a couple of Road Running events for juniors.   They are both good fun and worth entering if you can.


London Mini Marathon


How do you enter?

Enter is by a selection process carried out by your Borough.  You can enter in the Borough that you live in or the Borough that your school is in (but not both).  Your coach will know the current selection process and be able to give you the contact details of who is organising this.


Who can enter?

There are 3 age categories U13 (Year 6, 7 and 8), U15 (Year 9 and 10) and U17 (Year 11 and 12).  Boys and girls have different races.

There are also Ambulant and Wheelchair races.


When is it held?

The event is held the same morning as the London Marathon before the main event starts.


Where is it held?

It is run over the last 3 miles of the Marathon course.


How do I get there?

Each borough provides a coach for the athletes (no parents or carers are allowed) that will take you to the start.


Other Information

If you get selected you will be provided with plenty of information from the organisers i.e where parents can watch, where to pick you up etc.



Westminster Mile

This event is usually held on the last Sunday of May.  There are a series of races held throughout the day and runners will be seeded according to their predicted finish time.


Anyone who would like to enter this event has to enter themselves.


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